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Nae Caranfil

  • Director, Screenwriter, Composer
  • Born: 07.09.1960 in Bucharest

Graduate of the “I. L. Caragiale” Theatre and Film Academy (class of 1984). His graduation short Frumos e în septembrie la Veneţia / September is Nice in Venice,will be awarded at home and in festivals  abroad. After a few years when he tries his talent in theatre, staging some important titles, he leaves for Bruxelles to enter the Program of the European Screenplay Writers at FEMI ( the Flemish European Media Institute) and writes , in 1988, the screenplay for his future pic THE REST IS SILENCE.
Between 1989 and 1991 he writes screenplays for the French company ” Compagnie des images”. In 1992 he signs his first long feature E Pericoloso Sporgersi, a French-Romanian co-production launched at the “Quinzaine des realisateurs” in Cannes, in 1993 and awarded in festivals like Montpellier, Bratislava and La Baule. He continues with Asfalt Tango (1995) another French-Romanian comedy, starring Charlotte Rampling. His third long feature is the French/ Italian/ Belgian co-production, Dolce Far Niente (1998), starring Francois Cluzet, Giancarlo Giannini, Isabella Ferrari, Marguerita Buy and Pierfrancesco Favino (Best Screenplay in Namur in 1998 and selection in the official competition  in Karlovy Vary, in 1999). Filantropica (2002) is again a French-Romanian co-production, a dark comedy, awarded  the Audience Award at the IFF in Paris and several other awards in Wiesbaden, Mons, Wurtzburg, Bratislava, Newport Beach, Athens.
The screenplay  of Restul e tăcere won the Great Prize for screenplay at the Paris IFF in 1995 and the 2nd Prize in “ Hartley & Merrill Intl Script Writing Competition” in Hollywood , 1999. The film was launched in avant premiere in Cluj , at TIFF  2007 and, the same year, closed the Official Competition in Locarno. It was awarded the Black Sea Trophy for Best Picture at the IFF of Independent Producers in Constanta (2008), the Prize for Best Screenplay and the Audience Award at B-EST IFF, Bucharest 2008. Was Romania’s official entry to the Oscars in 2009.
Closer To The Moon with an Anglo-American casting lead by Vera Farmiga, Mark Strong and Harry Lloyd is an English speaking pic and opened the 2013 edition of the Making Waves Romanian Film Festival at Lincoln Center in New York.

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Festivals / Awards

  • 1984
Costineşti Insomnia Premiul pentru film realizat de studenţii de la IATC
  • 1993
UCIN Sundays on Leave "Opera Prima" Award. Best Screenplay
  • 1993
La Baule Sundays on Leave Jury Award
  • 1993
Montpellier Sundays on Leave Critics Award
  • 1996-1997
UCIN Asphalt Tango Best Directing
  • 2008
UCIN The Rest Is Silence Special Jury Award
  • 2014
UCIN Closer to the Moon Grand Prize and UCIN's Trophy. Best Directing. Best Screenplay
  • 2015
Gopo Closer to the Moon Best Feature Film. Best Directing. Best Screenplay
  • 2018
Premiile Gopo 6,9 on Richter Scale Best Original Music (with Bogdan Dimitriu, Liviu Manescu)


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