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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

”Un film mai puțin vesel, mai mult trist, poetic și sfătos”  ...și fermecător din cale afară

OWR 2017: “The Trial”, by Claudiu Mitcu and Ileana Bîrsan

3 X “I Am Hercules”, by Marius Iacob

One World Romania 2017: ”The Dead Nation”, by Radu Jude – Work in progress

“Wooden Churches” shot “à l’americaine” by Kiki Vasilescu

”Cabbage, potatoes and other demons” at Lungulețu, with Șerban Georgescu

“A film that is less merry, but which is rather sad, poetical and wise”, by Cornel Mihalache

UrbanEye 2016: “10 Minutes`Mayors”, byVlad Petri

“Camera obscura”: interview Gheorghe Preda

Astra Film Festival 2016: „The New Gypsy Kings”

Astra Film Festival 2016: “The Red Empress – The Life and Adventures of Ana Pauker”

Astra Film Festival 2016: „The Block”, by Maria Șalaru

Astra Film Festival 2016: “The Manakia Brothers. Diary of a Long Look Back”

HipTrip Film Festival 2016: „Looking for Exits”

”100 Rising” at Docuart 2016

„Bondoc” – Interview with Mihai Mincan

„A Mere Breath” – an interview with Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan

„Matei Șerban Sandu–About the clarity of intention”

The premiere of a documentary: ”The Red Empress”, by Radu Gabrea

“A Century without the Treasure” – A Right That You Don`t Claim, Gets Lost

Love Among Ruins: “Cinéma, mon amour”

Irina Margareta Nistor and Monica Lovinescu, as for the rest…

„The Golden Little Robot” – 2015 Docuart Trophy

„Dabija Brothers” – at 2015 Astra Film Festival

„Northbound, Following the Ural and Kamaz Trails”, a Siberian expedition journal

”HousingStories”,a webdoc made by The Vira Association

”Anul Dragonului” la Proiecțiile Docuart

”The Bridge” between artists and countries

„Compania România”, un documentar #norma

“Sfârşitul verii”: Sfârşitul adolescenţei

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