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”6.9 on Richter Scale”, by NaeCaranfil – official premiere, on the 20th of January

      In 2014, Nae Caranfil mentioned that his next project was a comedy which focused on the obsession of a big earthquake. The idea materialized in the feature film 6.9 on Richter Scale / 6,9peScara Richter, which will be released in the Romanian cinemas on the 20th of January. 6.9 on Richter Scale was produced by Cristian Mungiu for Mobra Films, in co-production with financial contributors from Bulgaria and Hungary and distributed in Romania by Voodoo Films. For this project, Nae Caranfil collaborated with the cinematographer Vivi Drăgan Vasile and with the film editor Cătălin Cristuțiu.
    A real, but small earthquake together with an emotional one shake a young actor (Laurențiu Bănescu) quite a bit. After moving to a new apartment (inside a building with the red spot) which was bought and decorated according to the fengshui rules by his wife ((Maria Obretin), Tony is shocked by the sudden appearance of his long gone father (Teodor Corban). The hero is caught between recurrent nightmares with an earthquake, his wife, who is hysterically torn because of her jealousy and her being unemployed and a cynical father, who wants to make the best of his final years.
     Maria Obretin is Kitty, Tony`s wife; she told us that she had a lot of fun on the set of Nae Caranfil`s film, especially for the earthquake scenes, that were made with the help of a hydraulic platform.
   Adrian Văncică  is Tony`s colleague and friend, who is always ready to give him some good piece of advice about how to handle the women. 

    Simona Arsu is the young student that the playful father picked up. The actress enjoyed working with her partner and also enjoyed the musical numbers that she shared with Miruna Bilei.

     Andreea Popa, the production designer, told us about the technical problems they had when making the set for the earthquake scenes.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara, Valeriu Ciubotaru, Dan Țuculescu

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