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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

2016 Award Winners

With each year passing by, the list of the award winners grows bigger and – nota bene! – it is not exhaustive. Besides some unintentional omissions for which we apologize, there is a deliberate selection of the festivals, both local and foreign ones, because we chose only the established ones.
As usual, the stars are still the Cannes, the Berlin and the Venice International Film Festivals. In 2016, the first one spoiled us with three films in the selection (two – Graduation / Bacalaureat and Sieranevada – in the official competition and one – Dogs / Câini in the Un certain regard section); the second festival gave us a break, letting us ponder upon the great successes from the previous years at Berlinale; and Venice ignored us, as usual and something should be done so that it may become more friendly (Magda Mihăilescu suggested an annual gala, similar to ``Les films de Cannes à Bucarest”. Why not?)
As usual the awards from Romania are more numerous than the international ones, though due to the large number of film festivals, we made a drastic selection here as well. The TIFF and the two galas – UCIN and Gopo – still have the supremacy. congratulates all the award winners of 2016, from the bottom of its virtual heart!

Cristina Corciovescu