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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Cinci scurtmetraje We Are Basca la Grădina cu filme

TIFF 2018: „The Seagull”, by Maria Popistașu and Alex Baciu

”Zoosophia” lui Gheorghe Preda, proiecție specială

”Nava spațială”, o poveste fantastică de Jamil Hendi

TIFF 2017: „Prima noapte”, „Offstage” și „Scris / Nescris”

”Wall”, a coming-of-age story by Dan Radu Mihai

”World War Cup”, a 3D SG animation, created by Sebastian Cosor and produced byMihai Mitrică

CineMAiubit 2016: “Cat’s Pub”, by Șerban Racovițeanu

CineMAiubit 2016: “The Man on the Moon”, by Mihnea Aliciu

CineMAiubit 2016: „Pipa, sexul și omleta”, by Ana-Maria Comănescu

Bucharest Short Film Festival: “Raisa” and “4:15 P.M. The End of the World”

BIDFF 2016:  ”Sonder”, an avant-garde dance film

Cristian Radu wins an award at Anim’est 2016

Matei Lucaci-Grunberg - „Bones for Otto”

Next Generation: Iacob Paștina and Victor Cioabă

”Seven Months Later” opens a trilogy on couple relationships

From the rooftop to the club

Ana-Maria Comănescu: „Te mai uiți și la om”

„Old Luxurious Flat…” –Observational Study with Two Characters

Cristian Pop: “The Toaster”, a film aboutcoming of age

The Game of Judging by Looks – “Second Look”

Claudiu Iordache: „Service”

An excellent exercise: „There is Nothing in This World”

Roxana Stroe about „Black Friday”

You can`t joke about destiny: “0068 Sniper`s Nest”

”Deasupra tuturor”, scurtmetraj de Iacob Paștina și Victor Cioabă

The choreography of the characters from “In the House” by Ana Maria Comănescu

“Why the Dinosaurs disappeared”: pudicity, sexuality and what the parents tell their children

”Acordajul profesorului Octav”: O comedie muzicală

”Ramona” : Un shot de tequilla - cronică de film

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