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Illegitimate (2015)

Ilegitim (2015)

89 min. - Drama - N 15 - 18.03.2016

Synopsis: The story of two siblings, who have an incestuous love. A father who is a doctor and several denounces. A family which has never known any restrictions of morality or law. Not even when it comes to an abortion.

Director: Adrian Sitaru

Writer: Alina Grigore, Adrian Sitaru

Stars: Adrian Titieni, Bogdan Albulescu, Alina Grigore

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  • Illegitimate (2015)
  • Illegitimate (2015)
  • Illegitimate (2015)
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  • Illegitimate (2015)
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Adrian Titieni Victor Anghelescu
Bogdan Albulescu Cosma Anghelescu
Alina Grigore Sacha Anghelescu
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Produced By

Domestic Film, Film Produkcja (Poland), Damned Films (France).
With the support of Altex and HBO România

Production info

Co-production Romania-Poland-France.


Domestic Film (RO)/ Versatile Films (International)

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - Berlin - Forum - C.I.C.A.E Award
    2016 - L’Europe autour de l’Europe, Paris - Prix Sauvage, Special Mention-Best Actress (Alina Grigore)
    2016 - Namur - Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Adrian Titieni)
    2016 - Pula - Golden Arena for Best Feature Film and Best Film in the Neighbours and Friends Programme


The doctor Victor Anghelescu is a widow and the father of four already adult children: Cosma, Gilda and the twins Sasha and Romeo. When at a family dinner the children confront their father in order to find out if he had denounced the women who during the Ceauşescu`s age wanted to have an abortion, he admits doing so, justifying his deeds by his always pleading for life and saying that causing a miscarriage is unimaginable.
After the scandal that was stirred by finding out this truth, the doctor moves away from home, to his mistress` apartment. The ones who were affected by his confession the most were the twins who started assuming that they were some unwanted children as well. Though she has a boyfriend, Sasha has an incestuous affair with Romeo and when she gets pregnant, she has no doubt about who the father is. This piece of news befalls upon the family like a bomb and this time, the father strongly pleads for an abortion. When everything is settled, the sudden death of their sister, Gilda, changes all the plans completely.


  • Some of the actors in the film are non professional actors, graduates of the Inlight acting school founded by Alina Grigore.
  • The world premiere was on February the 13th 2016, at the Berlin Int`l Film Festival
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Adrian Sitaru about the film
Illegitimate is a film which combines humor and drama in a tragicomedy about love (marital, brotherly, physical), about the dissolution of  relationships, about choices pro or against life, but also about the physical love between brothers, a taboo topic which has been rarely talked about, but which generated many studies made by specialists".

International Press
„Este atât o dramă a unei familii disfuncționale, cât și o analiză a psihologiilor diferite. Filmul este mai mult o poveste complicată de dragoste, decât o analiză a unui incest și spectatorul este atras într-o dramă familială convingătoare, care demonstrează cât de ușor este să judeci din exterior și cum perspectiva lucrurilor se schimbă atunci când ești în centrul poveștii. Lungmetrajul jonglează și cu limitele fine dintre acceptabil și inacceptabil fiind evident că aceste limite sunt ușor interschimbabile.” (Cineuropa)



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