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”Illegitimate”, directed by Adrian Sitaru – Press Conference

   The film crew returned from berlinale with the  CICAE Award at the Forum the praise of the international press and of the viewers from Germany. But they are impatiently waiting for the Romanian premiere. Illegitimate will be  in cinemas starting with 18th of March. At the press conference Adrian TitieniAlina Grigore, Bogdan Albulescu, Adrian Sitaru, Robi Urs, Adrian Silișteanu were present. 

   The idea of the film starting from the actress Alina Grigore` collaboration with the director Adrian Sitaru, as a project for her Inlight acting school. The screenplay was built on the development of the characters and on key-situations. The Illegitimate team has already been involved in another project (similar in terms of working process) for a year.
There are no details for now.

   Illegitimate is an experiment and it is very different from the other Romanian film productions. Adrian Sitaru is very pleased with the result, so he wants to repeat the experience. He even found international connections to Thomas Vinterberg`s work style or to Mike Leigh`s. Having plenty of unused material left outside the twins` story, the director thinks about using it for another film, which may tell the elder sister, Gilda`s story.

    Adrian Titieni confesses that he would want to work on a similar project again, with the same freedom of improvising. Each sequence was shot by the director of photography Adrian Silișteanu, without takes. „like an observational documentary”, as Adrian Sitaru says.

    Robi Urs, one of the students of the Inlight acting school and the actor Bodan Albulescu are amazed by how the film was received at the Berlinale and also by the rounds of applause from the press conference.
Cinematographer: Nicolae Cara

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