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2017 UCIN Awards

     Monday night, at the Studio Hall of the Bucharest National Theatre, the Award Gala of the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) took place, for the films released in 2016.
     The nominations to the UCIN 2017 Awards were made by film critics and historians Dana DumaCristina CorciovescuMarilena IlieşiuMagda Mihăilescu and Mihai Fulger, the winners being the following:
  At the UCIN Awards Gala were also granted, as it was the case in the previous years, Special Prizes, Excellency Awards and Academic Awards:
  • The Academic Award of UCIN in memoriam was granted to actor Ilarion Ciobanu
  • The Academic Award of UCIN was granted to critic Eva Sîrbu, for outstanding achievements in the field of Romanian film critic and history
  • The Special Prize of UCIN: Mircea Vodă for outstanding contribution to make-up art in film
  • The Special Prize of UCIN: Gheorghe Bălăşoiu and Marius Nedelcu for the album-book „Bucharest, we are shooting!”
  • The Excellency Award of UCIN: Aurel Miheleş, 70 years of cinema career
  • The Excellency Award of UCIN: Alexandru Gaşpar, 60 years of documentary film career
  • The Award of the UCIN Chairman to the TV series The Deported, made by Filaret Acatrinei, Cristian Amza, Radu Găină, Georges Boisnard, Dan Micu, Nicoleta Epure
  • The Award of the UCIN Chairman: Alexandru Lustig for the cinema adaptation of the play „The Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekov
  • The Excellency Diploma of UCIN: Ioan Albu for outstanding contribution to the Romanian cinema
The UCIN Awards Gala also granted the yearly prizes of the Critics and Filmology Experts Associations within UCIN:
  • „Ion Cantacuzino” Award: Doinel Tronaru for electronic and print film journalism
  • „George Littera” Award: Viorel Domenico for the volume „Jean Georgescu altfel...” (Jean Georgescu, differently…)
  • Best Film of the Year Diploma: Cristi Puiu pentru Sieranevada.
Details at: UCIN
 (Translated by Stela Moise)

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