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The adventures of the three protagonists of “#selfie69”

     There is a saying in Moldova: “Whoever dares to love, pays”. But Magi (Vlad Logigan), Brain (Alex Călin) and Mihai (Sali Levent) did not know that before starting shooting for #Selfie 69, directed by Cristina Iacob.
     Now, they are fully aware of this unofficial slogan of the feature, having learned from the frightening “Femeia Bilă” (Ball Woman), the most powerful mobster-matron living “over the Prut” (Moldova), played by the legendary Maia Morgenstern.
     Magi is the magician of the group. He earns a living selling perfumes. Given that this does not help him look manly, he hides this detail from Roxi and lies to her telling her he is doing magic tricks at a kindergarten.
     Brain is the “brains” in the group, as the nickname indicates. He is calculated, neat, correct and sincere, therefore boring. He is annoyed by Mihai's stupid ideas, which, however, add pepper and salt to their lives. Brain has a system for everything, including love. He loves Ana, but feels their relation should grow until they get there. Deeply involved in his studies and his passion to build a rocket, he does not realise what exactly is happening around him. He finds himself in a borderline situation and does all he can to hide the truth from Ana and bring order back to their group of friends.
     Mihai is the punk in the group. A douchebag with a lot of nerve, he gets into all sorts of shady deals that get him into trouble. Like a true friend, he drags his friends down with him. Mihai is only interested in having fun and doing business, which most of the time go hand in hand because infringements and stealing amuse him. Simple money are the best, this is his motto in life. But, after he falls in love with a prostitute, Mihai shows certain sensitivity and chivalry nobody would have suspected him of.
     How they manage to get away from Moldova Mafia remains to be seen starting on 16 September, in theatres all over the country, in #selfie69.
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