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Preview screenings of “#selfie69” in several cities

     The Romanian comedy #Selfie 69 will be released on the big screens on 16 September, and to greet the event, the film's protagonists and director Cristina Iacob are to meet the audience at gala preview screenings in several cities of the country. 
     Olimpia Melinte, Vlad Logigan, Sali Levent, Flavia Hojda, Alex Călin, Alina Chivulescu and Codin Maticiuc, as well as other showbiz stars supporting the film are to meet the viewers during the first week of preview screenings held in the country.
     The gala preview screenings will be held in Constanța (Cinema City/City Park, 5 September), Brăila (Cinema City) and Galați (Cinema 3D), on 6 September, then in Iași (Cinema City, 7 September), Bucharest (at Cinema City AFI on 8 September, an at Grand Cinema Digiplex on 11 September), in Ploiești (Cinema City), on 9 September and in Brașov (Cinema One, 11 September).

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