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“Aliyah DaDa” screened at the Romanian Film Evenings Festival

     As an important centre of the Romanian Jewish community, the city of Iași is the theatre of significant events presented at length in the documentary feature Aliyah DaDa, directed by Oana Giurgiu, and which was screened on Thursday, 5 May, at 16.00, at Mihai Ursachi Culture House of Iași, within the Romanian Film Evenings Festival.
     Aliyah DaDa, winner of the GOPO Award as Best Romanian Documentary in 2015, tells the story of Jews' immigration from Romania to Israel starting in 1881 and until the Communist era, approaching sensitive subjects such as Romania's closeness to Nazi Germany, Jews' persecution, their involvement in the rising of the Communist Party or the secret economic agreements between Romania and Israel during the Communist period.
     The documentary was premiered in the fall of 2014, at the Astra International Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu. Aliyah DaDa is the first cinema documentary directed by Oana Giurgiu, known as a producer of films such as De ce eu? (Why Me?)Despre oameni și melci (On People and Snails) (directed by Tudor Giurgiu) and Undeva la Palilula (Somewhere in Palilula) (directed by Silviu Purcărete).
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