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Active Archives. Online dialogue – December 14, 7 p.m.

     On Monday 14, 2020, on the occasion of the streaming of the first student film programme from the Active Archives project, an online dialogue will take place starting with 7 p.m. The programme includes 10 short films made at IATC, from 1966 
to 1971.
     The streaming will take place on Saturday, December 19, starting with 4 p.m., on the platform, here.
     The Monday talk will be moderated by the two film programme coordinators, pro-rector Alex Sterian and university lecturer Andrei Rus. Their guests are filmmakers who worked with audio-visual archives (Oana Giurgiu and Radu Jude), professionals concerned with identifying and making the archives accessible, who are aware of their importance in the theoretical and practical research (Cristina Modreanu, Miruna Runcan, Alina Șerban and Ștefan Sava). The discussion will try to identify the main problems that the researchers, curators and artists have to face when using the audio-visual archives and to find possible ways that the academic environment from Romania can do for a systematic discovery, preserving and accessibilization of the archives. 
     The discussion can be watched live on the  UNATC „I.L.Caragiale” UNATC Facebook page and on the CineMAiubit festival one.
     The Active Archives Project was made on the occasion of celebrating 70 years since the foundation of “I.L.Caragiale” UNATC and it intends a research on the journey of the Bucharest theatre and film school.
     In the following years, the Active Archives project will revisit and will start an ample process of digitalization and restoration of the entire archives of student films on 16mm and 35mm, which includes approximately 2000 titles. The project intends to identify and to make accessible more types of archives materials from the UNATC heritage: photographies, art design sketches, graduation papers or dissertations, materials which document the student performances made during the 7 decades of existence, as well as administrative documents which reflect the pedagogical evolution in the fields of the performative arts and cinema, etc.
Details: CineMAiubit

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