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Docuart Caravan arrives in Târgu Jiu (8-9 April)

     The third Edition of Docuart Caravan will bring Romanian documentary features' screenings to Sergiu Nicolaescu Theatre Hall in Târgu Jiu, during 8 - 9 April.
     Docuart Caravan invites the town's film lovers to view a series of Romanian documentary films, all of them award-winners at the Bucharest Docuart Fest 2015. The program will commence on Friday, April 18, at 17:30, with the feature Românești (directed by Artur Borusz), and will continue with Brudina (directed by Dragoș Mihai Hanciu), Călușarii din Bârla (The Calusar Dancers in Bârla) (directed by Adriana Oprea) and Pașaport de Germania (Trading Germans) (directed by Răzvan Georgescu). One Saturday, the screenings will start with Afară (Outside) (directed by Andrei Schwartz), Roboțelul de Aur (Golden Robot) (directed by Mihai Dragolea & Radu Mocanu), and the day will be ended with Aliyah Dada (directed by Oana Giurgiu).
     The screenings will be attended by directors Adriana Oprea, Oana Giurgiu, Mihai Dragolea and Radu Mocanu, who will also take part in Q&A sessions with the viewers.
Admission will be free of charge.
     The next town to be checked on the Caravan's map will be Baia Mare, to be visited during 22-23 April.
     Details at:
17:30 Brudina
by Dragoș Mihai Hanciu (2014, 17 min)
18:00 Românești
by Artur Boruzs (2014, 24 min)
18:45 Călușarii din Bârla (The Calusar Dancers in Bârla)
by Adriana Oprea (2014, 58 min) + Q&A
20:15 Pașaport de Germania (Trading Germans)
by Răzvan Georgescu (2014, 88 min)
16:00 Afară (Outside)
by Andrei Schwartz (2014, 86 min)
17:45 Roboţelul de aur (Golden Robot)
by MIhai Dragolea şi Radu Mocanu (2014, 75 min) + Q&A
19:30 Aliyah DaDa
by Oana Giurgiu (2014, 116 min) + Q&A

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