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Strada Film

         Strada Film is no longer one of the “emergent film companies”, as its website modestly informs us. Starting with 2004, it has gradually become an important brand in our film industry and a trustful partner for international co-productions.When the two brothers, Cătălin and Daniel Mitulescu, created it, the New Wave was at its very beginning and after 2000 the young filmmakers felt the need of being able to have full control over their films and the need of something new in the film production. Unlike Cristian Mungiu and CristiPuiu who went to some experienced producers for their first films, CătălinMitulescu became a film producer ever since his first short film, Trafic. The huge success it got back then – Palme d`or for Best Short Film at Cannes 2004 – confirmed that he was on the right track.
     Needless to say that Strada Film continued to produce CătălinMitulescu`s films - How I Spent the End of the World, LoverboyBy the Rails, but very soon, starting with 2005, it didn`t stay just a family business, but it opened it doors especially to friends. Ruxandra Zenide was the first to entrust Strada Film the production of her feature debut, Ryna. CătălinMitulescu`s 1st AD, Bogdan Mustață, makde his directorial debut with a short film written 
by Cătălin. A Good Day for a Swim  received the Golden Bear for Best Short Film, in 2008; his first feature film, Wolf (2012) was made also with Strada Film. Alexandru Mavrodineanu, one of the production assistants for How I Spent the End of the World made two short films, with the support of Cătălin Mitulescu as the screenwriter and the producer:The Boxing Lesson and Music in the Blood. Florin Șerban also makes his debut here with If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle. Anca Miruna Lăzărescu (Silent RiverThat Trip We Took with Dad)is a constant collaborator of Strada Film. Every now and then Alexandru Nanau (Toto and His Sisters) or Cornel Mihalache (Strawberries in April) make their films here. Even if some of them made their own production companies, they are still recognized as being part of the “Strada family”.
     At first sight, the contribution of each of the two brothers in the company seems unfair. Cătălin is more visible as a director, screenwriter and producer. Daniel keeps more in the shadow and he takes charge of the production tasks, but he is the man with the money – without him, none of these films would have reached any festival, that most of them came back from with lots of prizes. Daniel is also in charge of the co-productions, such as Nightfall in India, or the recent That Trip We Took with Dad.
Both of them can only be proud of what they have achieved together so far, including having the elegant office – from its large windows you can see the rooftops of Cotroceni.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

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