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“Two Lottery Tickets” to be released in theatres on October 7th  

     Două lozuri/Two Lottery Tickets (directed by Paul Negoescu), the comedy that won the hearts of the audience at TIFF 2016 and at Ceau, Cinema, has now a poster.
     Alexandru PapadopolDragoş Bucur and Dorian Boguţă are starring in the feature, which tells the comical story of desperate people resorting to the solution we all choose when we need money quickly and simply – they play the lottery. But their lack of skills will play tricks on them, because in order to win the lottery one needs not only to buy a ticket, but also to be able to hold on to it...
     Two Lottery Tickets is distributed by Ro Image 2000, and is to be released in all Romanian theatres on 7 October, 2016.
     An interview taken by AaRC, at TIFF 2016, from director Paul Negoescu and director of cinematography Ana Drăghici, may be viewed here.

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