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Șerban Racovițeanu - ”I`m a Taxi Driver” and ”Swan Song”

    Șerban Racovițeanu is a third year student from the Film Directing Faculty at the Bucharest “I.L.Caragiale” UNATC. At the  19th edition of the CineMAiubit Studenț Film Festival, Șerban participated with two documentaries: I`m a Taxi Driver (made in his first year, portrait) and Swan Song (second year)
     Both his documentaries focus on the way the stereotypes or the social prejudices work. On its attempt to argue against them, I`m a Taxi Driver follows the life of a taxi driver during a few weeks, while the Swan Song contains a series of interviews made with prisoners from the Slobozia penitentiary. Șerban has worked with them for a few months in order to stage the homonym theatre play and he recorded the whole process. We met Șerban during the CineMAiubit festival and he told us more about his two short films.

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