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”Scarred Hearts” in cinemas

    The film written and directed by Radu Jude will be in cinemas starting with November the 18th.Scarred Hearts was screened in different festivals, including the Salonic one. It was awarded at the Locarno festival and it was included in the special program of  Romanian films, during the festival Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest. The feature film produced by Ada Solomon has two young actors as the leading parts, Lucian Rus și Ilinca Hărnuț and also a young film woman director who challenged her acting skills as well – Ivana Mladenović.
     The actor Șerban Pavlu and the director AlexandruDabija made their special appearances; Dabija has previously worked with Radu Jude for Shadow of a Cloud and Aferim! For his next project, Jude intends to invite him to play a main role.
     Ivana Mladenović is in post-production with her feature film debut, The Soldiers, which is produced by Ada Solomon as well. Lucian Rus și Ilinca Hărnuț are currently working with Radu Jude on a theatre project, an adaptation an adaptation of the screenplay written by Reiner Werner Fassbinder for Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, that the German filmmaker directed in 1974.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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