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The Romanian Film Caravan Arrives in Onești (August 6 – 12)

     The Romanian Film Caravan – Masterpieces of the national cinema” returns to Onești, in August 6-12, 2018. The screenings will take place in the Onești City Park, starting with 21:00.
  This year`s program of the caravan includes: Chasing Rainbows / Și caii sunt verzi pe pereți (directed by Dan Chișu), Two Lottery Tickets / Două lozuri (directed by Paul Negoescu), Octav (directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi), The Neverending Morning / Dimineața care nu se va sfârși (directed by Ciprian Mega), Adela (directed by Mircea Veroiu), The White Lace Dress / Rochia albă de dantelă (directed by Dan Pița) and Mercenaries`Trap / Capcana Mercenarilor (directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu).
     The guests of the Caravan in Onești are Adrian Titieni (Chasing Rainbows), Ciprian Mega and Ela Ionescu (The Neverending Morning).
     In case of bad weather conditions, the screenings will take place in the “radu Rosetti” City Library Hall, from 18:00   

ONEŞTI, 6 – 12 august 2018

CITY PARK (near Roată)

Monday, August 6, 21:00 –  Chasing Rainbows
Directed by: Dan Chişu

Tuesday, August 7, 21:00 – Two Lottery Tickets
Directed by: Paul Negoescu

Wednesday, August 8, 21:00 –  Octav
Directed by: Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Thursday, August 9, 21:00 –  The Neverending Morning
Directed by: Ciprian Mega

Friday, August 10, 21:00 –  Adela
Directed by: Mircea Veroiu

Saturday, August 11, 21:00 –  The White Lace Dress
Directed by: Dan Piţa

Sunday, August 12, 21:00 –  Mercenaries`Trap
Directed by: Sergiu Nicolaescu

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