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“Dogs” – the only Romanian film in the TIFF 2016 Official Competition

     This year's Transilvania International Film Festival (27 May – 5 June) Official Competition is marked by diversity and resourcefulness, the young filmmakers selected ingeniously de-constructing the conventions of the horror, thriller, romance and western genres.
     “The first film we invited to the competition was Island City (India), and the last one confirmed was De l'ombre il y a/ Where There is Shade (France-Cambodia). They were as different from one another as they come: the first one is made up of unrelated sketches, terribly inventive and chameleonic, each of the three episodes corresponding to a cinema genre. The other one is defying all narrative conventions any avoids any labelling, generating a cinema experience without a safety net, of pure visceral beauty and emotion. Such radical differences are also typical to the other ten features in the copetition. Moreover, no one plays cautiously – all of them take a certain risk,” spune directorul artistic TIFF, Mihai Chirilov, TIFF artistic director stated.
     “Under the sign of extreme diversity is also the Romanian presence in the competition: if the foreign production Shelley is an impeccable sample of horror movie,  giving actress Cosmina Stratan the opportunity to make an excellent composition role, Câini/Dogs turns upside down the genre conventions – not to say anything about the New Wave conventions – becoming a true Balkan anti-western,” Chirilov added.
     The only Romanian film in the TIFF 2016 competition, Câini/Dogs is the debut of director Bogdan Mirică, who is also the screen writer and co-director of the HBO series Umbre/Shadows. The feature will be screened within Un Certain Regard at Cannes and will be nationally premiered in Cluj.
     The following productions were also selected in the competition: À peine j’ouvre les yeux/ As I Open my Eyes (directed by Leyla Bouzid), Sparrows (directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson), Tanna (directed by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler), Fado (directed by Jonas Rothlaender), Island City (Ruchika Oberoi), Thirst (directed by Svetla Tsotsorkova), Tikkun (directed by Avishai Sivan), Remainder (directed by Omer Fast), La puerta abierta/ The Open Door (directed by Marina Seresesky) and De l’ombre il y a/ Where There is Shade  (directed by Nathan Nicholovitch).
     Four of the five members of the TIFF 2016 Competition Jury are as follows: Wieland Speck, manager of the Panorama Section within the Berlin Festival, Bill Guentzler, artistic director of Cleveland International Film Festival, Bulgarian actress Margita Gosheva and Polish director Tomasz Wasilewski.
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