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“Wooden Churches” shot “à l’americaine” by Kiki Vasilescu

    After his independent film attempt, Theraphy for Murder / Terapie pentru crimă (2014), the director Kiki Vasilescu left for the USA. His trying to find a producer for a film project made him search for an idea that an American would find appealing and his proposal was a documentary about the old wooden churches from Romania, the ones that are less known.
      Romanian Wooden Churches / Biserici de lemn din România, made in 2015 by Kiki Vasilescuand Cristina Iordache, was screened at Indie IPIFF 2016. The two filmmakers chose some churches from the 19th century from Curechiu and Deleni (H
unedoara county), the church „Three Hierarchs” from Troaș (Săvârșin village, Arad county), Lunca Moților (Baia de Criș village, Hunedoara county), from Leleasca (Olt county), Urși, Igoiu and Mlăceni (Vâlcea county), Copăceni (Bihor county). Shot with the camera and with drones, the wooden churches lost among the trees look spectacular. Furthermore, we have some animated graphic with the interiors of the churches, based on the sketches made by Harriet Plaskitt from Great Britain. Kiki Vasilescu was also the cinematographer, the editor and the animator. The documentary is made by East Movies in collaboration with the Order of Architects of Romania, the Romanian Peasant Museum and the Pro Patrimonio Foundation. These facts certify the accuracy of the information and of the quality of the selection. The success of this project brought a new one, about the stone churches, that we will get to see in 2017.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru
 Translation: Iulia Necoara

Tags: biserici de lemn din romania documentar, documentare romanesti, indie ipiff 2016, kiki vasilescu