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BIDFF 2016:  ”Sonder”, an avant-garde dance film

   The effect of the first edition of the  Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, from 2015, was the making of some Romanian short films with and about dance, in 2016.
The long-term objective of the producer AnamariaAntoci and of the choreographerSimonaDeaconescu, who had the initiative of this event, is to support such projects. The program included the official competition, masterclasses in UNATC, performances and special screenings at the Bucharest National Dance Center.

   Anamaria Antoci and Simona Deaconescu are partners at Tangaj Dance, which produced an avant-garde short film – Sonder, that had its premiere during the festival. On the same day, Up Stairs, had its premiere, which is made by Alina Ușurelu și Irina de Marinescu and three other short films were screened; they were made by the students of UNATC and UNARTE. Sonder, directed by Simona Deaconescu and Anamaria Antoci, is not a filmed dance, but a story told through movement, without words and without music. A few dancers confront in a timeless space, a grinding fight for love and power. The gasping, the sound of the gravel, the metallic sounds from the background are as important as the movement. The absence of music eliminates the melodramatic effect, it emphasizes the message. The image is the most important vehicle and the camera of the cinematographer Tudor Panduru represents another character.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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