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Child’s Pose (2012)

Poziţia copilului (2012)

112 min. - Drama - N 15 - 08.03.2013


A possessive and authoritarian mother struggles hard to save her son from manslaughter, after running over a child.

Director: Călin Peter Netzer

Writer: Călin Peter Netzer, Răzvan Rădulescu

Stars: Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Adrian Titieni

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  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)
  • Child’s Pose (2012)

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Luminiţa Gheorghiu Cornelia
Bogdan Dumitrache Barbu
Adrian Titieni Child's father
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Produced By

Parada Film în coproducţie cu:
Hai-Hui Entertainment
Media Programme of UE
Cu sprijinul CNC 
Cu participarea HBO România

Production info

The film wins the grant awarded by the Romanian CNC (the December 2010 – January 2011 session).
Budget: 850,000 Euros.


Parada Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2013 - Berlin - "Golden Bear" and FIPRESCI Prize
    2013 - Namur - Best Fim. Best Actress (Luminiţa Gheorghiu)
    2013 - UCIN - Best Film. Union Filmmakers Trophy. Union Filmmakers' Academic Award (Luminiţa Gheorghiu)
    2013 - Stockholm - Telia Prize
    2014 - Gopo - Best Film. Best Direcor. Best Screenplay. Best Actress in a Leading Role (Luminiţa Gheorghiu). Best Actress in a Suporting Role (Ilinca Goia). Best Actor in a Supoting Role (Vlad Ivanov). Best Editing. Best Sound
    2014 - International Online Cinema Awards (NOCA) - Halfway Award Best Original Screenplay (3rd place)


  • International premiere – 2013, February, 16th – Berlin Film Festival
  • Press: Reuters Agency: “The Romanian cinema triumphs again with top Berlin award”, the Hollywood Reporter: “Luminiţa Gheorghiu shines as a controlling mother who goes into overdrive when her adult son runs over a child.[…] The screenplay is admirably handled, with wicked moments of humor balancing out truly dramatic finale.”, “Luminiţa Gheorghiu`s performance is quite phenomenal”, “a remarkable film backed by a screenplay both dense and precise, which gives a place of honour to extraordinary and sometimes imposing dialogues”, Variety: “the director has an excellent hand in guiding actors.”

Child’s Pose (2012) - Photo