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Cezar Grumăzescu about”Beyond the Hills” and ”Child`s Pose”

    We met him on the set of the short film “After Nine or Ten Hours” / ”După 9 sau 10 ore”, directed by Răzvan Dutchevici and we talked about those scenes from the Romanian films that stayed with him long after watching them. His criterion of selection is the actor`s way of looking. Cezar Grumăzescu is impressed by Cosmina Stratan`s eyes in Beyond the Hills / Dupădealuri, directed by Cristian Mungiu and by Adrian Titieni`s look in a scene inChild`s Pose / Poziția copilului. He chose the scenes that reveal the fact that the actors` eyes “contain the entire story of the film”.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

Tags: adrian titieni, cezar grumazescu, cosmina stratan, dupa dealuri film, pozitia copilului film, romanian filmmakers