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My Name Is Costin (2016)

Mă cheamă Costin (2016)

15 min. - Drama Short Movie - - 01.06.2016


Based om a true story. Bucharest, Romania. Fall of 2014. Rares(5) claims that his real name is Costin Dumitru. Six years ago, he was murdered by a neighbor, then burried in the school back-yard, in Vizuresti. No one knows about this murder, except him. Rares’s parents decide to start investigating these. Together with Rares, they go to Vizuresti and follow the boy’s leads. Little by little, the truth is been revealed. …Who is this kid, anyway? Rares or Costin Dumitru?

Director: Radu Potcoavă

Writer: Radu Potcoavă

Stars: Ioana Flora, Bogdan Albulescu, Tudor Oprișan

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  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)
  • My Name Is Costin (2016)

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Ioana Flora Crina, Rares' mother
My Name Is Costin (2016) Bogdan Albulescu Rares' father
My Name Is Costin (2016) Tudor Oprișan Rares
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Production info

Shooting in Ghimpați, Dâmbovița County, in may 2015.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - TIFF - Special mention at Romanian Film Days
    2016 - Dracula - Vladutz Trophy - Best Short


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  • Motivation of the jury at TIFF 2016: ”This surprising film is mysterious enough not to reveal exact answers and specific explanations. We are extremely keen to explore more in this horrifying story, based on true events."

My Name Is Costin (2016) - Photo