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My Name Is Costin (2016)

Mă cheamă Costin (2016)

15 min. - Drama Short Movie - - 01.06.2016


Based om a true story. Bucharest, Romania. Fall of 2014. Rares(5) claims that his real name is Costin Dumitru. Six years ago, he was murdered by a neighbor, then burried in the school back-yard, in Vizuresti. No one knows about this murder, except him. Rares’s parents decide to start investigating these. Together with Rares, they go to Vizuresti and follow the boy’s leads. Little by little, the truth is been revealed. …Who is this kid, anyway? Rares or Costin Dumitru?

Director: Radu Potcoavă

Writer: Radu Potcoavă

Stars: Ioana Flora, Bogdan Albulescu, Tudor Oprișan


Ioana Flora Crina, Rares' mother
My Name Is Costin (2016) Bogdan Albulescu Rares' father
My Name Is Costin (2016) Tudor Oprișan Rares
Dorian Boguţă Vrirgil
My Name Is Costin (2016) Mirela Cioabă Mrs. Dumitru
My Name Is Costin (2016) Liviu Pintileasa
My Name Is Costin (2016) Ștefan Teodorescu



Radu Potcoavă

Screenplay by

Radu Potcoavă

Produced by

Claudiu Mitcu

Robert Fița

Ion Ioachim Stroe

Cinematography by
Andrei Butică

Film Editing by
Cătălin Cristuţiu

Bogdan Dumitrache

Production Design by
Mălina Ionescu

Costume Design by
Mălina Ionescu

Alexandra Alma Ungureanu

Makeup and Hair

Luminița Mihai

Sound by

Ioan Filip

sound designer/ sound mixing