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One weekend with TIFF audience favorites

     Two neighbours who hate each other end up being forced to travel together, paralyzed in a wheelchair. They learn to stand each other in Aaltra, a film in which the actors are also the directors, or the other way around. Then, the pink-haired 
Keta gets you a trip to El Viaje de Keta.
     Some Romanian short films will also bring a feel-good vibe in a funny, unpredictable and politically incorrect TIFF Unlimited, with audience favorites. These short films
are: Bricostory (directed by Andreea Păduraru), First Night / Prima noapte (directed by Andrei Tănase), Family Pictures / Fotografii de familie (directed by Andrei Cohn) and Train of Hunger / Trenul foamei (directed by Viorel Timaru).
     The films can be viewed for free at the scheduled hours in Romania, then they will be available only for the subscribers.
     Starting with this weekend, the subscribers will have the chance to watch a new entry, starring Tim Roth: 600 Miles, awarded in Berlin and included in the TIFF competition.
Details: TIFF Unlimited

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