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Winners of the UCIN 2016 Awards

     The UCIN Awards Gala was held last night, on Monday (16 May), in the Performance Hall of the National Military Building, and the award-granting ceremony was hosted by Gianina Corondan and Mihai Găinușă.
     The awards were handed out by various Romanian filmmakers and stars such as Rona Hartner, Cătălin Botezatu or Dan Byron. The show had also novel artistic moments, like the concerts given by Pasărea Rock, Concertino and Jezebel.
     The Grand Prize and the Trophy of the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) went to București NonStop (directed by Dan Chișu), the Special Prize of the Jury to Aferim! (directed by Radu Jude), and Corneliu Porumboiu won the Best Director Award, with his film Comoara/The TreasureThe Best Documentary Award went to the production Muntele Magic/Magic Mountain (directed by Anca Damian). De ce eu?/Why Me? won for the Best Screenplay (signed by Tudor Giurgiu abd Loredana Novak).
     The Opera Prima Award went to director Doru Nițescu, for Carmen.
     This year's nominations were announced at the beginning of May, by the Jury made up of Stere Gulea (Chairman of the Jury), Mircea Diaconu, Petru Lucaci, Dan Dediu, Manuela CernatMircea BunescuRadu Corciova, Paul Ilea, Victoria CociașAndrei Gruzsniczki and Doru Pop.
     The Cinematography Award went to Marius Panduru for Aferim!, and the editing award was granted to Dana Bunescu, for CarmenThe Sound Track Award was won by Cristian Tarnovețchi (București Non Stop), and the award for original score by Cristian Lolea (Carmen).
     Rodica Lazăr won the award for Best Actress (in a leading role) for Carmen, and Ioana Flora, won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in Acasă la tata/Back Home (directed by Andrei Cohn). The Best Actor Award (leading role) went to Cuzin Toma (The Treasure), and the Best Supporting Actor Award went to Alexandru Potocean (Nu există-n lumea asta/Nothing like it in this World).
     The Best Fiction Short Award was granted to Dopul scuză mijloacele/The Cork Justifies the Means (directed by Mihai Ionescu), and the Best Short Documentary went to the production Rețeaua/The Network (directed by Claudiu Mitcu). Matei Branea won the Best Animation Film, for Omulan!.
     The Best TV Documentary Award was handed to Andreea Știliu, for Parisul lui Matei/Matei's Paris.
     Ana Ioneci won the Best Costumes Award, for The Cork Justifies the Means, and Augustina Stanciu (Aferim!), won the Best Scenography AwardBest Make-up Award went to Bianca Boeroiu and Astrid Weber, for the full-length feature Box (directed by Florin Șerban).
     The Best Stunt Award went to Mihaela Oros and Răzvan Gheorgiu, for Scorpion King IV.
     Furthermore, the Reviewers' Association offered several prizes within the UCIN Gala: the Film Book Award, granted to Andrei GorzoThe Publicist Award, won Cristian Tudor Popescu, and a special prize granted to Aferim!.
     The Academic Award, granted by UCIN, went to Paula Segall, maker of documentary features. Reviewer and film historian Călin Căliman was granted the Excellency Award, while Special Awards were offered to the authors of two books about Mircea Daneliu: Marilena Ilieșiu and Titus Vîjeu.
     The Romanian Filmmakers Union Awards, a national permanent event ever since 1971, is held each year representing the acknowledgement of Romanian cinema activities. The 2016 Edition of the UCIN Awards Gala was organised by the Romanian Filmmakers Union, with the support of the National Filmmaking Centre, being produced by Revolver.
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