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BERLINER, directed by Marian Crișan, awarded in Moscow

     Marian Crișan`s latest film, Berliner, received the ‘Keen Eye’ Award – of the Russian Cinema Club Federation, at the 42 nd edition of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), which took place from October 1 to 8. “Crișan`s film invites you into a world which is slightly caricature-like and which wins the audience over by means of humor and acting charm”- the Moscow newspaper Vedomosti wrote, after the first screening during the festival.
     Internationally distributed under the title The Campaign by Picture Tree
International, Berliner is Marian Crișan`s fourth feature film as a director. Mocanu, a politician in the middle of the campaign for a spot in the European Parliament, gets stuck in Salonta, a province small town. He receives shelter with Viorel, a normal citizen who works as a tractor driver. The politician continues his campaign from under this man`s roof, conceiving a chameleonic plan. The film features the actors: Ion Sapdaru, Ovidiu Crișan, Maria Junghietu, Sorin Cociș, Ion Rușcuț, George Dometi, Petre Ghimbașan, Eugen Țugulea and Ioana Chițu.
     “I didn`t try to play a character, but to recreate a destiny” Ovidiu Crișan said at the press conference, when he was congratulated for the part he played in the film.
     “Mocanu is an old wolf who is not interested in anything; he feels all alone, he fights only out of inertia and he is afraid he might get behind bars. Nevertheless, when he escapes to this God forgotten little town, he tries his utmost best to win his last battle.” Ion Sapdaru told the journalists in Russian.
     Due to the period we are going through, the two actors, alongside Marian Crișan, attended the festival only online, in a Q&A streamed live.

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