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“Tuff Money” – from November 22 on HBO and on HBO GO

     Tuff Money / Bani negri (pentru zile albe), a new HBO Europe series produced in Romania, will have the premiere on November 22 on HBO GO in all HBO territories in Europe.
     Written and directed by Daniel Sandu, Tuff Money has 6 episodes. Each episode will be available weekly, starting with November 22, 2020, on HBO GO and on HBO.
     The six episodes tell the story of Doru and Ionel, two traffic light technicians who have a laugh in a bar about manipulating traffic to rob a bank`s armoured van, belonging to one of the biggest banks in the city. In the end, against their will, they
end up having to go through with it. All the institutions they turn to for help show themselves eager to make the heist happen and take a cut. Our two heroes struggle to balance their morals with a desire for self-preservation.
     The two friends, Doru and Ionel, are played by Alexandru Papadopol și Cristia Bota.
Details: HBO Go

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