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Adina Pintilie about Experimented in Romania, BIEFF 2016

     As it is the case every year, Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival brings the Bucharest viewers a selection of Romanian experimental short features, the declared goal of the organising being precisely to give an impulse to local production.
     At the Opening Gala that took place last night, March 14th, at CinemaPRO, we talked with Adina Pintilie, curator of BIEFF, about the evolution of Romanian filmmaking along the six editions of the Festival, and also about the other programs included in this year's edition, unfolding between 14 and 20 March, 2016.
     The features included in the Experimented in Romania Section are to be screened on Sunday, March 20th, 5:00 pm, at the Romanian Farmers' Museum Cinema. The films included in the program are as follows: No Shelter from the Storm (directed by Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan), București. O lume de Ion Bârlădeanu și Carmen Lidia Vidu (Bucharest. A World by Ion Bârlădeanu and Carmen Lidia Vidu) (directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu), Istoria Artei retrasata prin pătratul negru (A History of Art Retraced through the Black Square) (directed by Veda Popovici), La oglindă (At the Mirror) (directed by Larisa Crunțeanu), Exercising Failure (directed by Dragoș Alexandrescu) and Cobalt Blue (directed by Diana Miron).
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