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Sunny Smile (1987)

Zâmbet de soare (1987)

81 min. - Comedy - AG - 29.02.1988

Synopsis: Several students spend their last days of high school in a cheerful and musical atmosphere. Petrica and 'Sunny Smile', who has become a fairy tale princess in the meantime, find their way back to each other, from the real world to the dream one and the other way around, in order to meet their love halfway between the two realms.

Director: Elisabeta Bostan

Writer: Vasilica Istrate

Stars: Carmen Galin, Mircea Diaconu, Bianca Brad, Tudor Petruţ

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  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)
  • Sunny Smile (1987)

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Carmen Galin Împărăteasa
Mircea Diaconu Împăratul
Bianca Brad Prinţesa
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Produced By

Casa de filme 5

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 2462 m.




  • După Bac!

  • De viitorul copiilor se ocupă părinții.


  • Cântă Loredana Groza, Gabriel Dorobanțu, Adrian Daminescu, grupul Choralis
  • Versurile cântecelor - Eugen Rotaru
  • Coregrafia - Victor Vlase

Sunny Smile (1987) - Photo