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Licu, A Romanian Story (2017)

Licu, o poveste românească (2017)

86 min. - Documentary - AG - 23.03.2018

Synopsis: The life of a man lost in history. A 92-year-old man having outlived major historical events such as war, peace, communism, the revolution and post-revolution. He has suffered, loved, laughed and cried for over 92 years. Licu is a feature documentary, but above all it is a movie about the passing of time and old age. A reflection on our own condition and ephemerality. 

Director: Ana Dumitrescu

Writer: Ana Dumitrescu

Stars: Liviu Canțăr

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  • Licu, A Romanian Story (2017)
  • Licu, A Romanian Story (2017)
  • Licu, A Romanian Story (2017)

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Licu, A Romanian Story (2017) Liviu Canțăr
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Produced By

Jules et Films


Rollercoaster PR (România) / Taskovski Films (International)

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2017 - DOK Leipzig - Porumbelul de Aur/Golden Dove


Licu’s story, like most stories, is subjective. It is not a movie about History but a tale whose Hero is named Licu. Each of us, at one moment or another, will identify with the events in the film. 
Licu’s life-story could be anyone’s story. It radiates universality. Licu’s story is filmed behind closed-doors. At his age, he has remained alone with his memories. However, the film is filled with characters and life. Loulou, his wife and the love of his life, is a lively presence. So is Viorel, his beloved brother, who passed away at the age of 37…
In the house, the surrounding objects are a constant presence and seem to become alive assuming the role of real characters. Each object is a character in itself: the house defying time, the pendulum that imitates the heartbeat, the television set that fills the silence... Each sequence in the movie is conceived like a photograph in an album. Today will become tomorrow. The present has already become the past. Licu is an invitation to opening the book of time. (Ana Dumitrescu)


  • Premieră națională la One World Romania 2018.
  • Documentarul intră în cinematografe din 24.08.2018.
  • Film prezentat la Muzeul Filmului din Düsseldorf, Festivalul pentru Drepturile Omului „Solidarity” de la Tel Aviv, festivalul ZagrebDox, Festivalul Internaţional de Documentar şi Drepturile Omului One World România, Festivalul Internaţional de Film Transilvania, Serile Filmului Românesc de la Iași, Festivalul Ceau, Cinema! Timişoara, Festivalul MakeDox din Macedonia, Krakow Film Festival 2018, CineDoc Tbilissi 2018.

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