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Mircea Daneliuc

  • Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer
  • Born: 07.04.1943 in Hotin (Regiunea Cernăuți, Ucraina)
Graduate of the Philology Faculty in Iasi (class of 1966) and of the “I. L. Caragiale” Institute for Theatre and Film – Film Direction section(class of 1972). Considered the rebel of the 70ies generation he was confronted with long periods of imposed inactivity by the communist authorities, due to his audacious attitude. ‘The acting talent of film director Mircea Daneliuc leans trustfully on the quantity of DBs emitted by the talent of Mircea Daneliuc as a film director. As a film director he is a percussive artist through his ideas, while as an actor the percussion power grows by his physical presence, penetrating, of high - frequency.The directorial DBs plus the actor’s ones result in a state of uproar that no ear, even the deafest one, can elude.( Eva Sîrbu - Magazin Estival Cinema,1980)


  • Mircea Daneliuc is the only film director with two films (Probă de microfon/Microphone Test and Croaziera/The Cruise (9th and 10th place) ) on the list  made by 40 film critics called ”Cele mai bune 10 filme românești din toate timpurile”/”The Best 10 All Time Romanian Films “  published in 2008.
  • Site:
  • In 1997 he makes  his debut as a novelist with the novel” The Torn Cat”(ASPRO Award) followed by the volumes: “Marilene”( novel,1999) and “The Sweet Smelling Lame”(play,1999) “Two Ponely (as opposed to “lonely”)People”(play, 2000), “Water in Boots”(novel, 2000), “Ghosts Without a Country”(novel,2001) , “Carlo Carlini, Illusionism” (play, Curtea Veche , 2003), ‘Peter and Paul”(novel, Paralela 45 , 2003), “Plastered Women “(play, Curtea Veche , 2009),   “Ora lanti”  (novel, Cartea Romaneasca, 2007 ), “ "Cele ce plutesc - variaţiuni pe tema unui scenariu" / Those Who Float-Variations on a Screenplay Theme”(novel, Curtea Veche, 2009) , ‘Two Hair Washes’(novellas, Curtea Veche, 2010), “ The Boy Without Eyebrows”(novellas,Nemira,2012), ‘As a Romanian Meatballs Grill.”(Adenium, 2013), Theatre (Tracus Arte, 2017)
  • In 2013 is published the volume “ Talks with Mircea Daneliuc” by Alexandru Petria (see Cinetipar)
  • In November 2015 , UCIN Publishing House publishes “ Mircea Daneliuc. The 17 Lives of the Torn Cat” by Marilena Iliesiu (see Cinetipar)
  • He was married to actress Tora Vasilescu.
  • Currently married to actress Cecilia Bârbora.
Daneliuc on himself:     
 “My political part was only that,  to show the truth about Romanian life.To speak about the truth is a political attitude per se” (Aperitiff 8/ 2015)