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New Premiere– „The World Is Mine”

     “I don`t know how to separate happiness from the rest of things” the protagonist of The World Is Mine / Lumea e a mea (Nicolae Constantin Tănase`s feature directorial debut) says at some point.
Larisa (Ana-Maria Guran) is 16 and lives in a town by the seaside. It`s a small town where all the news and gossip travel really fast. It`s a town where the image and influence count and also the manele, the money and the power. And Larisa…wants all of that. And even if she doesn`t have them she fights for them.
     The film received the Best Debut Award at the Transilvania InternationalFilm Festival and a special mention at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The World Is Mine is a coming-of-age story placed in a town by the sea, in which the protagonist doesn`t hide and has an abrupt growing up.

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