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Romanian documentaries at the Astra Marathon Online

     The way we got used in the previous years, the documentaries from the Romania competition extended the thematic area and the way in which their authors choose to translate their story into film language is more and more diverse.
     This year the Romania Competition included 11 films: stories of Romanian who left abroad, the corruption and the courage of exposing it and of fighting it, the old traditions and the attempts to keep them, the unique and fascinating phenomena such as Văcărești Delta and its impact on some people`s life and events from the recent history, such as the persecutions endured by the members of the Jewish community 75 years ago or the effects of the Chernobyl disaster that are still present.
The films were presented in the first part of the festival, during the Astra Film Open Air event. The winners were: Josefin & Florin by Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg from Sweden (Best Documentary Award) and Please Hold the Line / Așteptați răspunsul operatorului by Pavel Cuzuioc, Austria (Special Mention of the Jury).
     Astra Film Online resumes 8 of the 11 films of the section. The viewers will have the chance to watch or watch again the following films: 23 august 1944/2019 (directed by Andra Tarara, David Schwartz, Roland Ibold), Acasă, My Home / Acasă (directed. Radu Ciorniciuc), Please Hold the Line / Așteptați răspunsul operatorului (directed by Pavel Cuzuioc), Come Find Me (directed by Diana Nicolae, Noriflorentina Vito), Bucharest Delta / Delta Bucureştiului (directed by Eva Pervolovici), Eu Geniu Cioclea (directed by Gorgos Violeta), Josefin & Florin (directed by Ellen Fiske, Joanna Karlberg), All the Rivers Flow into the Sea and the Sea Never Fills Up / Toate râurile se varsă în mare și marea nu se umple niciodată (directed by Claudiu Mitcu).
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