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„The Christmas Gift”, screened at Les Nuits en Or, Paris

     The Christams Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun (directed by Bogdan Mureșanu) was screened at Les Nuits en Or, an event that took p[lace from June 18 to 20, at Cinema Odéon in Paris.  During this event, all the short films awarded during the year by the National Film Academies were screened.
Nine short films were in this year`s program, including the Best Short Film and the Best Short Animated Film from the César Awards, as well as a selection of short films made by the Comité Exploitants Court Métrage de l’Académie, alongside a group of films Les Nuits en Or.
The Christmas Gift received the Gopo Award for the Best Short Film in 2018 and  the award meant the film qualification for this program.
Details: Les Nuits en Or

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