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Vera (2015)

Vera (2015)

28 min. - Short Movie - IM 12 - 03.06.2015


When a 20 year old boy, Mihnea, gets rejected by his girlfriend he tries to overcome his frustrations by seeking solace in a prostitute he hires, but his luck seems to run out even with her. However, he accidentally stumbles on a girl in the most uncommon place. Things seem to look up for Mihnea for once, but fate seems to have a mind of its own and the events that follow take an unexpected turn.

Director: Dorian Boguță

Writer: Dorian Boguță

Stars: Anghel Damian, Irina Noapteș

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Anghel Damian Mihnea
Vera (2015) Irina Noapteș Vera
Vlad Logigan Vera's Boyfriend
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Filmat inițial color, Vivi Drăgan Vasile a ales editare alb-negru pentru varianta finală.


  • “Cea mai frumoasă zi”, compusă și interpretată de Alexandru Andrieș. 


  • Premieră națională la Festivalul de Film Transilvania 2015. 
  • Premiera mondială 25 februarie în competiția Festivalului Internațional al Filmului de Dragoste de la Mons. 

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