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Medal of Honor (2009)

Medalia de onoare (2009)

105 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 12.11.2010


By a bureaucratical mistake, the Medal of Honor goes to the wrong man. When finally he has to give it back, his pride, his dignity, the very sense of his life are in jeopardy. Nothing is impossible then, in order to recover his only token of respectability.

Director: Călin Peter Netzer

Writer: Tudor Voican

Stars: Victor Rebengiuc, Camelia Zorlescu, Radu Beligan

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  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)
  • Medal of Honor (2009)

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Victor Rebengiuc Ion
Camelia Zorlescu Nina
Mimi Brănescu Cornel
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Produced By

Scharf Advertising
Abis Studio
Cu sprijinul CNC, HBO, ARTE, Eurimages, TVR, Pandora Film

Production info

A câştigat în concursul de proiecte organizat de Centrul Naţional al Cinematografiei sesiunea august 2007 un credit de 720.000 lei.


Parada Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2009 - Salonic - "Silver Alexander" award .Best screenplay, best actor (Victor Rebengiuc), FIPRESCI award
    2009 - Torino - Best Screenplay. Audience award
    2010 - TIFF - Best direction. Best actor (Victor Rebengiuc)
    2010 - UCIN - Best Direction
    2010 - Wiesbaden - Honorable Mention (Victor Rebengiuc)
    2010 - Miami - Special mention (Calin Netzer)
    2011 - Gopo - Best screenply. Best actor in a leading role (Victor Rebengiuc)

Medal of Honor (2009) - Photo