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The Turquoise Necklace (1985)

Colierul de turcoaze (1985)

95 min. - Adventure - AG - 03.03.1986

Synopsis: The kidnapping of a Viennese banker and his daughter threatens to trigger a diplomatic scandal, which could result in the entry of Austrian armies into the country. Margelatu thwarts this attempt and clears up the story.

Director: Gheorghe Vitanidis

Writer: Eugen Barbu, Nicolae Paul Mihail

Stars: Florin Piersic, Marga Barbu, Szobi Cseh

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  • The Turquoise Necklace (1985)
  • The Turquoise Necklace (1985)
  • The Turquoise Necklace (1985)

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Florin Piersic Mărgelatu
Marga Barbu Agatha
Szabolcs (Szobi) Cseh Buză de iepure
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Produced By

Casa de filme 5

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 2679 m.




The Turquoise Necklace (1985) - Photo