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ESTE FILM Festival 2020 chose its winner

     On September 19, 2020, The Awards Gala of the ESTE Film Festival took place, Out of the 10 short films, only one was chosen to be the winner of the trophy and of the 2,000 Euro worth award. The jury – made of Cătălin Olaru (film critic), Monica Felea (film distributor -  Bad Unicorn) and Sarra Tsorakidis, film director – chose  The Afghanistans / Afganistanii, directed by Adrian Silișteanu, as the Best Film of the competition this year. The actor Ioan Paraschiv represented the film team at the festival and accepted the award.
     The motivation of the jury: „For the precision of the directorial craftsmanship. For the way in which it tells a cynical story in a very nuanced way, without tricks, being cynical or emphatic.
     For the natural way in which it integrates the social commentary in an intrigue that gravitates around fraternal love.”
     At the end of its 5th edition, after 15 screenings in three partner venues, the festival is happy to have had 800 viewers who attended the event. And that is quite something in a difficult year. Seven screenings, out of 15 were sold-out. Three films had their preview in Sibiu and 6 had their premiere here.
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