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Participants to Aristoteles Workshop 2016

     Over 80 young people of 22 countries, among which England, France, Germany, Turkey, India, Finland, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Italy, have registered at the 11th edition of the documentary film workshop Aristoteles Workshop, set up with the support of the Baia Mare 2021 Foundation, a candidate city to the title of European Cultural Capital 2021, and of the National Filmmaking Centre. The workshop is to be held from 23 August to 24 September, in Șurdești, Maramureș.
     The 12 participants selected to this year's edition of Aristoteles Workshop come from Romania, Bosnia, Italy, Finland, England and Germany, and were picked by Cristina Hoffman and Dan Nuțu.
     They will be grouped in four mixed teams of three students each – a director, a cameraman and an editor – and will have four weeks for making a documentary, from finding a topic, to shooting and post-production. The winning team will get a prize of EIR 2,000, sponsored during the four previous years by Farmexim.
     This edition's participants are: Alexandru Badea (Romania), Dragoș Hanciu (Romania), Sakari Suuronen (Finland) and Liliana Constantin (England) (directors), Ivan Koroman (Bosnia), Piero di Silverio (Italy), Ileana Szasz (Romania) and Diana Rusu (Romania, England) (directors of photography), Delia Oniga (Romania), Ruxandra Pintilie (Romania), Maria Bălănean (Romania, Germany) and Maria Cracana (Romania) (video editors).
     The experts and tutors who will provide guidance to this year's edition will be Thierry Garrel, Nino Kirtadze, Tania Rakhmanova and John Appel.
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