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The Interview of the Week with Oana Stoenescu

          SOS the cinemas! It`s a cry that can be heard with different intensities for quite some time. More precisely, since out of 400 cinemas all over the country, only around 20 were left open. The spectators suffer but not really, actually, because they have the mall cinemas. The Romanian film and the European one suffer a great deal, since it`s difficult for them to have access to the mall, because the people want mainly to see American films.Of course, we can`t speak of film culture anymore!
The desperate cry grew stronger lately, since cinemas with tradition (the Studio Cinema and the Patria Cinema were closed down from well-known reasons). What can be done? The former cinemas should be rehabilitated and equipped with modern technology. But who can do it? And how profitable can it be?
I asked the opinion of a specialist in film distribution about all these things: Oana Stoenescu, the general manager of the RoImage company.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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