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Romanian films screened in Cracow, at the Romanian Culture Festival

     The Romanian Culture Festival in Cracow reached its 9th edition in 2016, being organised by the Romanian Cultural Institute and including a series of cultural events, among which Romanian features' screenings.
     Thus, during 13-15 at the Pod Baranami Art Theatre Hall, the following films are to be screened: Lumea e a mea/The World is Mine (directed by Nicolae Constantin Tănase), Orizont (directed by Marian Crișan) and Carmen (directed by Doru Nițescu). Also at Pod Barananmi, on 14 May, the night of Romanian shorts will be held, screening the following shorts: Black Friday (directed by Roxana Stroe), Dispozitiv 0068 (directed by Radu Bărbulescu), Ramona (directed by Andrei Crețulescu), Cadoul/The Gift (directed by Dumitru Grosei), Lecția despre cerc/Lesson on Circle (directed by Ștefan Morozan), Lucky (directed by Alexandra Botău).
     On Sunday, 15 May, Pod Baranami Theatre will host workshops for children and Romanian animations' screenings.
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