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Redhead (1976)

Roșcovanul (1976)

91 min. - Action - AG - 20.12.1976


During the summer of 1944 a Romanian orphaned teenager is coping with the pain of being alone,hungry,homeless and harassed by the police and is suffering the rigors of detention in a juvenile correctional institution.

Director: Francisc Munteanu

Writer: Francisc Munteanu

Stars: Costel Băloiu, Sebastian Papaiani, Constantin Rauțchi

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Costel Băloiu Mihai ”RedHead”
Sebastian Papaiani Vagabond
Constantin Rauţchi Instructorul
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Produced By

Casa de filme Patru

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 2488 m.




In 1944's Romania the home of teenager Mihai Secosan is destroyed by a German bomb and his parents are killed. The orphaned and homeless 15 year-old boy tries to enlist in the Romanian army but he's rejected due to his age. He starts hanging around with a professional pick-pocket. One day the thief shows Mihai the ex-police officer who often-times arrested and beat him. The ex-cop, officer Potra, is now the new director of a Juvenile Correctional Institution. Mihai asks the thief to report the abusive ex-cop to the Communist authorities but the thief refuses fearing retaliation. When Mihai and the thief steal a man's wallet Mihai is arrested and sent to the same Juvenile Institution where ex-cop Potra is now director.

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