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Return from Hell (1983)

Întoarcerea din iad (1983)

92 min. - Drama - AG - 29.08.1983

Synopsis: Two men depend on each other for survival in the first world war, but something in their past might prevent them to get along. Will they be able to put everything aside in order to survive?

Director: Nicolae Mărgineanu

Writer: Nicolae Mărgineanu, Petre Sălcudeanu

Stars: Constantin Brânzea, Maria Ploae, Remus Mărgineanu

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  • Return from Hell (1983)
  • Return from Hell (1983)
  • Return from Hell (1983)

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Return from Hell (1983) Constantin Brânzea Dumitru Bogdan
Maria Ploae Veronica
Remus Mărgineanu Ion Roșu
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Produced By

Casa de filme Trei

Production info

Ecran normal, color, 10 acte, 2511 m.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1983 - ACIN - Premiile pentru: imagine, decoruri, costume, muzică, coloana sonoră, montaj. Diplomă de onoare (Ana Ciontea)
    1983 - Moscova - Diplomă specială
Return from Hell (1983) - Photo