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Dear Santa Claus (2018)

Dragă Moș Crăciun (2018)

29 min. - Comedy Short Movie - -

Synopsis: When a couple returns to their apartment building on Christmas Eve, they find a man dressed as Santa Claus trying to break into their neighbor's apartment.

Director: Bogdan Ilieșiu

Writer: Bogdan Ilieșiu

Stars: Andi Vasluianu, Adrian Titieni, Tudor Oprisan

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  • Dear Santa Claus (2018)
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  • Dear Santa Claus (2018)

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Andi Vasluianu Paul Tomescu
Adrian Titieni Santa Claus
Dear Santa Claus (2018) Tudor Oprișan Vlăduț Tomescu
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Produced By

Febra Film


It’s Christmas Eve. A young couple returns home. Inside their apartment building, they stumble upon a man, dressed up as Santa Claus, as he’s trying to break into their neighbors’ apartment. Thinking it's a burglar, they call the police. Two policemen arrive at the scene. When identifying the suspect, they find upon him a passport and a sleigh driving license both on Santa Claus’ name, issued by The Kingdom of Lapland.

Dear Santa Claus (2018) - Photo