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Discordia (2016)

Discordia (2016)

71 min. - Psychological Film - - 02.06.2016

Synopsis: Three strange days in the life of two young people. They live together under the same roof, sleep in separate rooms, eat at regular times, following a routine they had transformed into a ritual. They seem to be out of touch with reality and bored, but they love it. But any unexpected change of their schedule can affect them deeply...



Director: Ion Indolean

Writer: Ion Indolean

Stars: Ilinca Hărnuț, Rareș Hanțiu

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Ilinca Hărnuț Ilinca
Discordia (2016) Rareș Hanțiu Rareș
Discordia (2016) Călin Bocian Pacient 1
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Produced By

Hola Media
Numa Film

Production info

Budget (estimated): 15.000 euros

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - TIFF - Premiul pentru debut și Premiul pentru regie la Zilele Filmului Romnesc


  • Ilinca Hărnuț este sora regizorului Ion Indolean.
  • Ion Indolen este critic de film la
  • Împreună cu colegii lui de facultate, Adrian Cârlugea și Bogdan Coste, realizează scurtmetrajul Fata care mănâncă pizza (2015). 

Discordia (2016) - Photo