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Tamara Buciuceanu

  • Actress
  • Born: 10.08.1929 in Tighina (Republica Moldova)
  • Died: 15.10.2019 in Bucharest

She studies acting in Iasi, at the “Vasile Alecsandri” Theatre Institute  and continues her studies in Bucharest (Prof.Ion Baltateanu’s acting class). She makes her debut on the “Giulesti” Theatre stage, where she will play quite a lot after which she will continue at the Comedy Theatre, Operetta Theatre and  “L. S. Bulandra” Theatre in Bucharest.
“She is the decent fun,  the innocence played between accomplice peeks, the malice in her voice breaking in a deliberate acute only to give sense to a false serious replica, she is the guffaw facing an intelligently silly, treacherous honeyed smile, she is, from all of her self a comedy actress and nobody wants to see her otherwise. Nobody wants to miss her actual good mood image.”(Eva Sîrbu, Magazin estival Cinema 1980)


  • She is the sister of  singer Iulia Buciuceanu ( wife of the late great actor George Constantin) and aunt of  actor Mihai Constantin.
  • Her name on film credits is Tamara Buciuceanu Botez, after her marriage to Alexandru Botez.
  • In 2014 she is awarded The Order the Romanian Crown , Officer degree, on behalf of the Romanian Royal House, on occasion of King Michael’s 93 anniversary.
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Tamara Buciuceanu on the acting calling:
 “THE ACTOR is moulded out of a special dough. He has a great amount of yeast and rises under one’s eyes.But only in conditions of heat. If cold, not only it won’t rise but it will draw in.”