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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Adrian Sitaru

  • Director, Screenwriter, Producer
  • Born: 04.11.1971 in Deva (Hunedoara)
He graduated the Media University in 2004. He began his career at the ProTV station as a TV filmmaker (The Lyer - 2006, I want to feel - 2006, The Revenge - 2006, The Second Chance - 2006). He made his big screen debut with the short film Waves, which won the Golden Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow Award at the Locarno International Film Festival and then received other 27 national and international awards.


Adrian Sitaru on his biography:
Although at first I attended university for Computer Sciences, since I was 20 years old I have been interested in music and believed this would be my future - I even sang in some bands. In Timisoara, while studying Computer Sciences, I discovered "Cinemateca" (Cinemateque) and the first films that I watched, those of Andrei Tarkovsky, made a very strong impression on me: I understood what cinema is, a mixture of all the other arts, I understood what a director does and it became clear to me that this was what I wanted to do. At the same time, music began to seem limited to me and potentially boring at some point, while as a director you could not become bored: You write, you work with the actors, with the DOP, scenography, you shoot, cut, edit, or make music ... a lot. After Tarkovsky, there were Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman. In time I discovered Lars von Trier, who 'taught' me how simple and cheap you can make a film. I made my first shorts with my camera, my parents or friends as actors, I edited myself, so, after I finished the school I told myself that if it's possible to make an independent short it's just a matter of time to make a long feature, too. Of course it's harder, but when you believe in your story, if you have passion and patience, you will find the solutions for everything. I hoped but I never really thought that the film (Pescuit sportiv, 2008) will have a real future, I just shot it and liked it. Like any parents who love their child, I wish the best for the film, to show it to the people, festivals etc. I hope to have a good film that people will like,...(2008)
For me cinema is like a drug. I'm not addicted to seeing films, but I'm addicted to seeing the world, what's happening around like a film and it's a great pleasure when I'm shooting. (2008)