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The 2019 Gopo Nominations

     Charleston (directed by Andrei Creţulescu), Love 1. Dog / Dragoste 1. Câine (directed by Florin Șerban), “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians” / „Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari” (directed by Radu Jude), Moromeții 2 (directed by Stere Gulea) and Pororoca (directed by Constantin Popescu) are officially in the run for the Gopo Trophy for the Best Film category.
     The winners will be announced during the Gopo Awards Gala which will take place on Tuesday, March 19, at the National Theatre in Bucharest. The event will be live on Film Now, starting with 20:00.
     19 Romanian feature films that were released in 2018 were taken into consideration by this year`s jury, for deciding the nominations for the 13th edition of the Gopo Awards Gala.
     The films with the most numerous nominations are: Moromeții 2 (14), Charleston (13), Love 1. Dog (11) and Pororoca (10).
     For the Best Director category, the nominees are: Andrei Crețulescu for Charleston, Florin Șerban for Love 1. Dog, Radu Jude for “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”, Stere Gulea for Moromeții 2 and Constantin Popescu for Pororoca.
     Silvana Mihai and Florentina Năstase (Several Conversations about a Very Tall Girl / Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă), Cosmina Stratan (Love 1. Dog), Dorotheea Petre (Yet to Rule / În pronunțare) and Irina Velcescu (The Secret of Happiness / Secretul fericirii) are the nominees for the Best Actress in a Leading Role award.
     The nominees for the Best Actor in a Leading Role category are: Şerban Pavlu (Charleston), Valeriu Andriuţă (Love 1. Dog), Horațiu Mălăele (Moromeții 2), Bogdan Dumitrache (Pororoca) and Vasile Pavel (Soldiers / Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari).
     Caisă directed by Alexandru Mavrodineanu), Free Dacians / Dacii liberi (directed by Andrei Gorgan and Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan), Infinite Football / Fotbal infinit (directed by Corneliu Porumboiu), Licu, a Eomanian Story / Licu, o poveste românească (directed by Ana Dumitrescu) and Phoenixxx (directed by Mihai Dragolea) are the five productions nominated for the Best Documentary award.
     For the Best European Film award category, the film critics from the nominations jury voted for the following 5 productions for the Best European Film category, films that were distributed in Romania last year: Dovlatov (directed by Aleksey German),  The Killing of a Sacred Deer (directed by Yorgos Lanthimos), Utøya 22. juli (directed by Erik Poppe), Visages villages (directed by JR, Agnès Varda), Un beau soleil intérieur (directed by Claire Denis).
     The nominations for all the categories were dedcided by a pre-selection jury made of film professionals: the film director Daniel Sandu, the actress Mirela Oprișor, the cinematographer Constantin Chelba, the sound engineer Horea Murgu, Ileana Cecanu, film distributor and organizer of the Pelicula Festival, the programmer and curator  Andrei Tănăsescu, alongside important film critics, theoreticians and journalists such as  Ana Maria Sandu, Anca Grădinariu, Georgiana Mușat, Cătălin Mesaru and Christian Ferencz-Flatz.
     After announcing the nominations, approximately 600 active members of the Romanian film industry will be invited to vote for the winners of the Gopo Trophies.
     The 13th edition of the Gopo Awards Gala 2019 is organized by the Romanian Film Promotion Association together with the Film and Urban Culture Association, with the support of the Romanian Film Center, the Bucharest National Theatre and Babel Communications.
The complete list of the Gopo Awards nominations

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  1. Victor Rebengiuc for playing Mr. Antonescu in Charleston
  2. Alexandru Dabija for playing Movilă in “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
  3. Alexandru Nagy for playing Mitu in Moon Hotel Kabul
  4. Constantin Dogioiu for playing inspector Pricop in Pororoca
  5. László Mátray for playing László Fehér in One and a Half Prince / Un prinț și jumătate
Best Actress in a Supporting Role   
  1. Ofelia Popii for playing Ioana Preda in Moon Hotel Kabul
  2. Rodica Negrea for playing Ioana`s mother in Moon Hotel Kabul
  3. Dana Dogaru for playing Catrina in  Moromeții 2
  4. Oana Pellea for playing Fica in Moromeții 2
  5. Iulia Lumânare for playing Cristina in  Pororoca 
Best Screenplay
  1. Andrei Crețulescu, for  Charleston
  2. Radu Jude, for “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
  3. Stere Gulea, for Moromeții 2
  4. Constantin Popescu, for Pororoca 
  5. Alexandru Popa, for   The Secret of Happiness
Best Cinematography
  1. Barbu Bălășoiu, for Charleston
  2. Marcin Koszalka, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Marius Panduru, for  Yet to Rule
  4. Vivi Drăgan Vasile, for Moromeții 2
  5. Liviu Mărghidan, for Pororoca 
Best Editing
  1. Cătălin Cristuţiu, for Charleston
  2. Florin Șerban, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Dana Bunescu and Alexandra Gulea, for Moromeții 2
  4. Corina Stavilă, for Pororoca 
  5. Dragoș Apetri, for The Story of a Summer Lover / Povestea unui pierde-vară
Best Sound
  1. Nicolas Waschkowski, Marius Leftărache and Yann Legay, for Charleston
  2. Michal Fojcik, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Dana Bunescu, Cristinel Șirli and Constantin Fleancu, for Moromeții 2
  4. Mihai Bogos, for Pororoca 
  5. Filip Mureșan, Alexandru DumitruFlorin Tăbăcaru, for The Story of a Summer Lover
Best Original Music
  1. Massimiliano Narduli, for Charleston
  2. Pauchi Sasaki, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Vasile Șirli, for Moromeții 2
  4. Hristo Namilev, for The Story of a Summer Lover
  5. Nainita Desai, Untamed Romania / România neîmblânzită
Best Art Direction        
  1. Mălina Ionescu, for Charleston
  2. Mihaela Poenaru, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Iuliana Vîlsan, for “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
  4. Cristian Niculescu, for Moromeții 2
  5. Adrian Cristea, for Soldiers
Best Costume Design
  1. Mălina Ionescu, for Charleston
  2. Elena Frățilă, for Love 1. Dog
  3. Iuliana Vîlsan, for “I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
  4. Dana Păpăruz, for Moromeții 2
  5. Cristina Șerbu, for One and a Half Prince
Best Hair and Make-up
  1. Dana Angelescu and Fanny Fallourd, for Charleston
  2. Bianca Boeroiu, for Love1. Dog
  3. Ioana Covali, Irina Ianciuș and Ștefan Enache, for Yet to Rule
  4. Dana Roşeanu, Iulia Roșeanu and Domnica Bodogan, for Moromeții 2
  5. Iulia Roșeanu and Domnica Bodogan, for Pororoca 
Best Debut Feature Film
  1. Several Conversations about a Very Tall Girl (directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu)
  2. Charleston  (directed by Andrei Crețulescu)
  3. Lemonade directed by Ioana Uricaru)
  4. The Secret of Happiness (directed by Vlad Zamfirescu)
  5. Soldiers (directed by Ivana Mladenović)
Best Short Film
  1. The Christmas Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun (directed by Bogdan Mureșanu) Producers: Bogdan Mureșanu, Vlad Iorga (Kinotopia) | Romania
  2. Miss Sueño (directed by Radu Potcoavă) Producers:  Claudiu Mitcu, Ioachim Stroe, Robert Fita   (We are Basca)  | Romania
  3. Ivy / Iederă (directed by Sarra Tsorakidis) Producers: Sarra Tsorakidis, Paul Negoescu, Vladimir Dembinski (AutoLook Productions, Papillon FIlm, Popski) | Romania
  4. Borders / Granițe (directed by Andra Chiriac) Producer: Daniel Mitulescu, (Strada Film) | Romania
  5. Karmasutra (directed by Cristian Bota) Producer: Cristian Bota (Bota Film) | Romania
Young Hope Award
  1. Iosif Paștina for playing Niculae in the film Moromeții 2
  2. Elena Ciolacu for directing the short animation film The Little Hero / Micul erou
  3. Andrei Inizian, for writing the screenplay and directing the film Aprilie, vis
  4. Andra Tarara for directing the documentary short film  A Death in My Family / O moarte în familia mea
  5. Tudor D. Popescu for editing the film Several Conversations about a Very Tall Girl 

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